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You don't know it yet We offer it as the only one in the world! Our products are not just ordinary wall art, they are stories, they are determination. Stories of ambition, joy and gratitude. They are stories that inspire, motivate and remind you of what is important in life. They are the stories that help you live life to the fullest and be successful.

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Welcome to the Wild West, the battlefield of our FERO VERO brand! Our mission lies in the unbreakable desire to transport you to a time when there was an unbridled passion for adventure and unlimited possibilities. Our products embody every stage of the bandit's unforgettable story, guiding you through unique collections. From the first moment to the last breath, you will be immersed in the captivating spirit of the wild west. Be part of this epic journey where each piece of art carries its own exciting story, inspiring your courage, determination and passion for life. Look forward to the next story and with it new collections and products. Enter the world of FERO VERO and live your own destiny to the fullest.

Big Bank Robbery 💰

A daring bandit enters the local bank with the sneaky intention of pulling off the biggest heist of the century. With a cool calm in his heart, he robs the bank, leaving the horrified guards behind. During his escape, he deliberately loses half of the loot, and the local residents can thus take possession of this unique treasure, in the form of charred and gilded banknotes and large bundles of money. The bandit remains on the run ready for the next adventure! This is how a collection of framed banknotes was created, which gave local residents enormous hope.

3D MONEY art

Champagne explosion 🍾

Evading pursuit, the bandit heads to a secluded bar to celebrate his successful heist and devise another plan. His plans are surprisingly interrupted when the regulars there spot a bounty on his head. The bar turns into ugly chaos, a huge brawl breaks out. At that moment, however, the people whom the bandit gifted with his robbery appear and help him. All the bottles of expensive alcohol were broken. This unexpected twist brought together the bandit with new allies, ready to embark on another dangerous mission, and an unmistakable collection was born that tells a story of celebration and victory, recorded in the frames of broken bottles.


Golden Express Robbery 🚂

A bandit and his allies set out to rob a train carrying a huge amount of gold from the gold mines of the local canyons. This is the biggest robbery in the history of the Wild West, but it's not just about gold...